Bayern Munich Alumni: Robert Lewandowski reveals what he and Sadio Mané spoke about before FC Barcelona exit 49 days ago

Just two dudes talking about where they are in their careers.

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Back on July 12th, Robert Lewandowski was in his final days with Bayern Munich and the Poland international crossed paths with new signee Sadio Mané.

The twosome was photographed having a chat and for a few weeks now, people have wondered exactly what they two stars were talking about.

Thanks to Lewandowski, now we know. The duo spoke about being at a similar point in their respective careers and why they were making the moves they made. Mané had just left Liverpool and Lewandowski was days away from moving to FC Barcelona.

“We spoke for long. He said he understood me. His situation was actually exactly the same. I’m only a few years older and have a family. He understood exactly what I had in mind,” Lewandowski told Sport1’s Kerry Hau (as captured by @iMiaSanMia). “He said he thought it was a pity, but he understood me because he also needed a new challenge.”

It is funny to think about how both players ultimately wanted a new challenge at this stage of their respective careers and how they briefly intersected — but it might be a little more fun to imagine what the duo would have looked like playing together.