Bill Simmons: Suns are Top NBA Franchise; Will Sell for Almost $5 Billion 10 days ago

The Phoenix Suns are now up for sale, and we’ve seen plenty of names thrown in the ring for who could own the team following Robert Sarver’s departure.

From Larry Fitzgerald to Alice Cooper, nearly anybody with a tie or money can be thought of as a potential candidate.

We don’t know exactly who will take grasp of the team or how long the process will take, but we have heard from a few people how attractive the franchise will be.

“The Suns are considered an extremely desirable franchise in the marketplace and will have no shortage of high-level ownership candidates. As a warm weather destination in West, league executives always believed this could be a monster free agent destination with right ownership,” said ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski in a tweet.

NBA analyst Bill Simmons held similar statements on his most recent podcast episode:

“Phoenix is a rich guy Mecca. Incredible fans, you have a whole history, you got Devin Booker in place. But the big thing - it's an hour from LA and it's an hour from the Bay area, you can pull in every rich guy from those two spots and they can fly in and be the owner of the team,” said Simmons before making his prediction on how much the Suns will go for:

“This evaluation is going to go way higher than people think. I told you this with the Clippers eight years ago, and I'm telling you now: The Suns are going to be valued at over $4 billion. Mark my words, you can throw it in my face if I'm wrong. I'm not wrong.

“I think it can get close to $5 billion. I think it will be in the $4.5 to $5 billion range... My prediction, I'm going on the record. The Suns, I'm gonna say: $4.7 [billion].”

Simmons included the Suns in his list of the eight most valuable franchises, with the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat occupying the other spots.