Excuse Me: 10 Things Wrestling Fans Need To Know About Vickie Guerrero

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While fans know about Vickie Guerrero's storyline contributions, there are plenty of things people don't know about the iconic wrestling star.

Vickie Guerrero is one of the most effective heel managers in wrestling history, whether she was working as a General Manager or with one talent specifically, she was always able to get a response from the crowd. Her "Excuse Me" catchphrase is something that audiences have detested more than most one-liners in the business.

While fans have often hated her, that is exactly what Guerrero wanted, as she is an old-school heel who brings a response and has made all of her clients look stronger for working with her. But, while fans know about her storyline contributions, there are plenty of people who don't know about the iconic wrestling star.

10/10 Lessons From Edge

Edge and Vickie Guerrero WWE Backstage

Edge is one of the greatest minds in the wrestling business, and his partnership with Vickie Guerrero was a huge moment for both of them. It helped to establish Vickie, while it took Edge's heat to a completely new level, with the WWE Universe absolutely hating him because of their connection.

While they seemed to work seamlessly on television, Vickie was learning on the job at this particular time in her career. She revealed that Edge taught her a lot about the psychology of wrestling at that time, which helped her take the next steps.

9/10 She Has A Podcast

Vickie Guerero podcast Cropped

Vickie Guerrero is an experienced individual when it comes to the wrestling world, as there is little that she doesn't know about the business after all these years. That is something that she lets people hear all about during her podcast when Vickie talks to different people from the industry.

She talks about old stories with her guests on a weekly basis, connecting with her own fans in the process with the fantastic content. The "Excuse Me" podcast has proven to be a hit so far, and it is something any fan of Vickie should be checking out.

8/10 WWE Ban

Vickie Guerrero with Nyla Rose Cropped

Vickie Guerrero is a legend in WWE, and normally they are treated with respect and welcomed back to the company with open arms, but that's not the case for her. Because of her affiliation with AEW, WWE decided to ban her from having any of their superstars on her podcast.

It has led to tension between her and WWE's old regime which is a shame after how many years of great service Vickie put into the company. However, it does highlight WWE's feelings toward AEW, even for someone who doesn't regularly feature on television.

7/10 She Got A Non-Wrestling Job

Vickie Guerrero in WWE

Vickie Guerrero has obviously put a lot of time and effort into the wrestling business, and this is something that has allowed her to have a great career that will be remembered forever. However, after she parted ways with WWE back in 2014, she decided to leave the wrestling world behind and move on.

That led to her picking up work in the medical field as she became a medical administrator, which is another world that Vickie is incredibly passionate about, being able to help others as much as possible, which highlights the type of work ethic she has.

Aiden English with Vickie Guerrero

Everyone knows about the fact Vickie Guerrero was married to one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in Eddie Guerrero, but that's not the only person from the industry she is related to. That's because former WWE Superstar Aiden English is also part of the Guerrero family via marriage.

English is actually married to the daughter of Vickie and Eddie, Shaul Guerrero. She was a professional wrestler for a short period of time, getting the chance to work in FCW, but she didn't quite end up making it in the business.

5/10 Royal Rumble Appearance

Vickie Guerrero Angry Promo

Vickie Guerrero might not be a professional wrestler by trade, as she is better known as a manager, but she has still competed inside the ring plenty of times throughout her career. One of those moments took place inside the Royal Rumble, as the former SmackDown General Manager was a surprise entrance.

She got huge heat for that appearance after dropping her famous catchphrase, and it was fantastic to see her be given that moment in the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match.

4/10 Eddie Lost It At Her Mid-Match

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio during their ladder match at SummerSlam 2005

There is no doubt that Vickie Guerrero has been a fantastic professional throughout her time with the company, putting together some amazing promos and storylines. However, during the infamous ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for the custody of Dominik Mysterio, she was a little late with her spot.

Vickie stopped Eddie from winning it right at the end, but she didn't get into the ring on time which left Eddie standing at the top of the ladder not going for the win. He could be seen screaming for Vickie to get into the ring, losing his cool with Vickie in that situation.

3/10 Never Forced Into Anything

Vickie Guerrero Stephanie McMahon

While Vickie Guerrero was heavily pushed at times as a dominant heel authority figure, there is also no doubt that she was put through the wringer with some of the storylines and moments WWE booked her in. Whether it was comments about her appearance or being thrown around through mud, Vickie did it all.

It left some fans having a bitter taste about her treatment in the company, however, she has since come out and made it clear that WWE never had to force her into any segments, adding that she was having fun all the way to the bank at that time.

2/10 She's Actually A Sweetheart

Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero is one of the most hated women in the history of professional wrestling, with fans booing her heavily no matter what she does. It's something that created some iconic moments and atmosphere to help others, but while she can rile people up on television, the reality is that she's actually the complete opposite in reality.

Guerrero has often been heavily praised by those she has worked with for how kind she is in real life, particularly by Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff was managed by Guerrero and he labeled her a "sweetheart," despite the hate she got inside the ring.

1/10 Her Mentor

Stephanie McMahon v Vickie Guerrero Raw June 23, 2014 Cropped

There is a reason why Vickie Guerrero is so good at portraying the type of character she does because her mentor in WWE was Stephanie McMahon. Vickie praised her heavily during her departure from the company due to the time that she put in to working with her.

It's something that could be seen in her work as well, because Vickie knew how to push the buttons of her audience to get the desired response as an authority figure.