10 Funniest Moments Of Sami Zayn's Wrestling Career

thesportster.com 63 days ago

Sami Zayn is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the world, and these are undoubtedly the funniest moments of his career so far.

Sami Zayn is one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, whether he is being a babyface or a top heel he knows exactly how to entertain a crowd and get the desired response. He has proven it repeatedly throughout his wrestling career, which is one of the reasons Zayn has had such a strong career.

While he can be a serious in-ring talent that is capable of putting on brilliant matches with anybody, the comedic ability he has leads to a lot of amazing moments that fans always recall. Whether it's something subtle he does in the background or some over-the-top behavior, it is always entertaining to see.

10/10 Sing A Little Song

The Sami and KO Show

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have incredible chemistry together, which is why they have done so much alongside each other, whether as friends or rivals. In 2018 the two of them hosted The Sami & Kevin Show, which saw the two of them implement some comedy at the expense of their guest, Kurt Angle.

The two of them sang Angle's theme song with the classic "You Suck," lines, and seeing their performance was hilarious. Zayn got things started dramatically, and it never calmed down from there which left fans entertained.

9/10 Becoming An Honorary Uce

Sami Zayn is an Honorary Uce

Sami Zayn's work with The Bloodline has created some of his greatest moments in WWE, and one of those took place recently on SmackDown when the faction teased kicking him out. Roman Reigns had Jey Uso rip his shirt off, but it was all a ruse as he pulled out an Honorary Uce shirt for him.

The reactions that Zayn brought to the ring created some of the funniest moments in his career to this point. His handshake with Jimmy Uso and hugs for Solo Sikoa and Reigns himself helped to create a perfectly over-the-top moment.

8/10 Sami Breaks The Bloodline

Sami Zayn pops The Bloodline Cropped

Anytime a wrestler can make his co-workers laugh it is always a special time because those in the business work so hard to try and remain in character with everything they do. However, during a backstage segment on SmackDown that is exactly what Sami Zayn was able to do, which is a credit to his work.

Zayn was discussing what he would do to Drew McIntyre, which included him doing a little dance, and from that point, both Roman Reigns and Jey Uso ended up breaking character and laughing, and that only served to make things even funnier for the WWE Universe.

7/10 Fighting In A Kayak

Sami Zayn fights on a kayak Cropped

It isn't just in WWE where Sami Zayn has been able to flex his comedic muscle, as he brought a lot of that on the independent scene as well before getting signed. An example of that was when he worked for DDT which saw him end up competing out in nature, in one of the funniest matches that he's been involved in.

DDT is well-known for adding elements of comedy to its shows, and that is something that has worked well for them as a promotion. This particular encounter saw Zayn (working as El Generico) fighting in a kayak at one point against Kota Ibushi.

6/10 The New Shield?

Sami Zayn in The Shield

Anytime Sami Zayn is involved in a backstage segment that is based around an upcoming team match where he is creating a strategy, it ends up being hilarious. He is well known for being a big talker, and that is something that WWE tapped into plenty of times when he was a babyface.

Seeing him explain what he wanted to happen to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns was hilarious enough as it was due to their history. But, things were made even funnier when he pushed the fist out to try and recreate The Shield pose.

5/10 Explaining Love

Sami Zayn and Mike and Maria Kanellis

Another great backstage segment that Sami Zayn ended up involved in was with Mike and Maria Kanellis, who were pushed heavily as the perfect couple in WWE. Zayn just so happened to see them both before he headed out for a match, and he stopped by to impart some words of wisdom on the topic of love.

He quoted Huey Lewis And The News, before questioning whatever happened to The News section of the group. They were busy chatting when Zayn's music began, and seeing him awkwardly get out of there never fails to be funny.

4/10 Dancing To The Ring

Sami Zayn

Every wrestler is looking to make an impact with their entrances, as it instantly gets people talking as people learn about their personalities instantly. Few manage to get that across better than Sami Zayn since his heel turn, as he skanks his way to the ring in the most hilarious way possible.

This is something that Zayn does every week, and it never fails to amuse people. Everything he does during the entrances is ridiculous, but it helps push his obnoxious character as much as possible, while making people laugh.

3/10 Sami's Celebration

Sami Zayn with Logan Paul

While Sami Zayn dancing to the ring is hilarious, he took things to an entirely new level when working alongside Logan Paul during his WrestleMania 37 feud against Kevin Owens. Paul was making his entrance while Zayn was already inside the ring, suited and booted to look as sharp as possible.

He then danced his heart out inside the ring, taking all the attention with his hilarious and goofy performance. It's one of his most iconic moments in WWE, so much so that he even had it put onto a t-shirt.

2/10 Fishing With Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is very underrated when it comes to his comedic abilities because he is so often just booked as a dominant monster, but when he gets the chance to bring humor he is hilarious. That is something he got to do during several segments with Sami Zayn, and the two of them came together brilliantly.

With Zayn in a wheelchair nursing injuries, he ended up having to showcase his fear of Lesnar in a unique segment that saw them become friends. With Lesnar suggesting they go fishing or hunting while Zayn points out he is a vegan, the two of them created a hilarious moment together.

1/10 Wrestling Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville uses a stop sign

Out of everything Sami Zayn has done throughout his career, it is the WrestleMania 38 encounter he had with Jackass star Johnny Knoxville that has been his funniest. From start to finish this match was hilarious, whether it was all the props that they used or the cameo appearances from Knoxville's friends.

While they also told an entertaining story that was easy to follow, comedy was a huge factor in this. It's what people wanted and expected, but Zayn and Knoxville didn't let them down with a match that will be remembered forever.