Never miss out on your VALORANT agent again thanks to this hilarious insta-lock trainer 118 days ago

Images via Riot Games | Remix by Dot Esports

Published on May 28 on the VALORANT subreddit, there’s now a free insta-lock trainer that helps you train your reflexes to ensure you get the agent you want in VALORANT.

In most games, we tend to have a few favorites or even a single main that we know and are confident in using. While being a one-trick does have several benefits, if someone chooses your agent, you may be left in the dust as you don’t know how to play any other agent.

If you’re new to VALORANT, having the only agent you know how to play chosen by someone else can also be pretty daunting. And that’s where this insta-lock trainer—courtesy of Reddit user tpqzefir—comes in handy.

It can help train your reflexes so you can hopefully lock in the agent you want without worrying about playing one you don’t know or aren’t confident in. To play, you’ll select your mode, where you must choose your agent within a specific number of milliseconds and attempt to lock in your agent as quickly as possible. If you can’t do it within the specified time frame, you’ll fail and lose the game. So you’ll need to keep trying until you succeed.

VALORANT players seem to love this idea and think it’s hilarious. Surprisingly, they would prefer using a training tool like this to help you train to insta-lock your agent over a third-party app that does it for you. But if you’re out beaten by someone who can select their agent in under 250 milliseconds, you may have to train harder or have two agents you can play confidently.

Although it may have been made for a bit of a laugh, this VALORANT insta-lock training tool is fun and useful, especially if you want your agent.