Charges Against Bengals RB Joe Mixon Dismissed, Still Subject To Refiling 44 days ago

It appears that Bengals RB Joe Mixon is safe from prosecution from the law… at least for the time being.

According to WCPO journalist Taylor Nimmo, the city of Cincinnati has dismissed charges against Mixon after a warrant was put out for his arrest on an aggravated menacing charge.

“The city will be requesting dismissal of this case,” the city representative said in a video from Taylor Nimmo’s Twitter page. “We’re requesting dismissal because we need additional investigation before we would move forward with this case. The Cincinnati police department were able to get in contact with the victim. She understands the need to get more information for this case and the potential that we could refile it at a later date. She does still want to go forward with this charge if we do decide to refile it.”

Per the court documents as shared by WPCO’s Evan Millward, the warrant for Mixon’s arrest was issued for an incident that occurred in downtown Cincinnati on January 21 in where he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman and said, “You should be popped in the face I should shoot you, police can’ get me.”

It was reported yesterday that the Bengals were investigating the charges against their running back but had no comment on the matter. Mixon’s agent, Peter Schaffer, shortly after the Bengals’ statement was made came out to say that the charges were a “rush to judgement” and that the charges would be dropped Friday… which turned out to be the case.

For now, it appears that Mixon shouldn’t face any penalty for these accusations. However, the city of Cincinnati did mention that they could refile the case at a later date for the victim involved. Mixon isn’t any stranger to aggravated assault after punching a woman assault in 2014, but the video wasn’t released until 2016 when the issue went viral to the public.

Joe Mixon had a down year for all intends and purposes, being one of the most inefficient backs in the league. He rushed for 814 yards on 210 carries and nine total touchdowns (seven rushing, two receiving) in 2022, a far-cry from the season he had the year prior in 2021. Still, he has two years left on a four-year extension worth $48 million he signed back in 2020, having a dead cap charge of $5.5 million in 2023. We shall see how the Bengals address this issue with Mixon and if this case will resurface sometime in the offseason or in the near future.