NFL World Reacts To Aaron Rodgers, Refs Video

The Spun 61 days ago
Aaron Rodgers is not happy on Sunday afternoon.

Aaron Rodgers has dominated the Bears in Chicago over the years, even joking about "owning" Soldier Field.

That is not happening today, though.

Green Bay is trailing Chicago, 16-10, on Sunday afternoon. The Packers star quarterback is pretty frustrated.

A video of an annoyed Rodgers has gone viral on social media on Sunday.

"Rodgers frustrated, what else is new," one fan joked.

NFL fans aren't too sympathetic.

"old man realizing his time is soon coming to an end," one fan wrote.

"Don’t look at the refs. Why is he throwing 30 yards when they can use AJ Dillon to get one yard for a first down? Make it make sense please!" one fan added.

"Rodgers is OVERRATED," another fan wrote.

"He's still getting plenty of OL holds not called; he just assumes that's normal!" one fan added.

"Hows bro gonna get upset at the officials for his WRs getting locked up by UDFA???" another fan wrote.

The Packers are currently trailing the Bears, 16-10, on Sunday afternoon.