Warriors Executive Bob Myers Gives Huge Props To Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, And Draymond Green For Recruiting Efforts: "They Should Just Be GMs"

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Warriors Executive Bob Myers Gives Huge Props To Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, And Draymond Green For Recruiting Efforts: "They Should Just Be GMs"
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Bob Myers speaks on the recruitment efforts of his star players.

In Golden State, team President/GM Bob Myers has done a pretty solid job collecting talent. After just two years of irrelevancy, the Dubs climbed back into contention and ended the 2021-22 season with a championship victory over the Boston Celtics.

This summer, while the Warriors failed to land any big-name talents. They did, however, acquire several quality players with the signings of Donte DiVincenzo and JaMychal Green.

Warriors GM Credits Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, And Draymond Green For Helping Him Recruit Players

Apparently, Myers didn't do it alone. He had some help from the star-studded core, which he credited in a recent chat with the media.

“Our guys are so…They should just be GMs.They’re more important than I am,” Myers said. “When Curry calls a player, that’s very important for him to call a free agent and say, ‘Want to come play with us?’ And he did that. Draymond, I can’t stop him from doing that, he just does it on his own. Klay, I have no idea if he knows who we signed. He doesn’t know who’s on our team and he’s down there right now. So I’m lucky to have guys that free agents wanna play with.”

Today, it's not uncommon at all for stars to leave roster-building activities to the front office. For the Warriors, it's Myers' job to rope in talent, not Steph's.

It is no doubt the willingness of those stars to recruit free agents that have helped the Warriors net so much talent over the years.

Of course, when it comes to Curry, his contributions do not stop there. Besides all he does on the court, he also mentors and works with his teammates off the court to maximize their game and effectiveness.

“All those guys were very encouraging and motivating. Steph, Draymond, all them,” Andrew Wiggins said of Golden State’s veterans on The VC Show. “They all did a lot for me in a lot of different ways. One thing they all do is they all hold you accountable. When you do something wrong, they’re gonna get at you. But the thing that I love about them is that when you do it right, they’re gonna be the first people to come up to you and congratulate you. I feel like that goes a long way. They’ve taught me a lot on and off the court, so I cherish those guys.”

It's impossible to say how this season will fare for Golden State. On one hand, they have all their most important players and even some new ones on board to help them defend their title. On the other hand, there is no accounting for the flurry of new challenges and obstacles they will encounter along the way.

It will be up to Curry and the other veterans to ensure the Warriors stay competitive this season, and that should be easier thanks to all the work they put in behind the scenes this summer.