The 10 Best Croquet Sets for Backyard Fun

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Shall we play croquet?

If you've ever had the urge to try your hand at croquet, this simple backyard game is available in sets so your whole family can enjoy. This lawn game is the perfect way to entertain the kids or adults at your next outdoor BBQ, and gives a classier vibe than cornhole.

The sport was officially dubbed croquet in London in the mid-1800s, while similar games had been played for years, but involves using a mallet to hit a ball through a series of hoops in the least amount of strokes. Sounds easy, but like mini-golf or pool, sometimes the deceptively simple games can be tricky, especially when other players can hit your balls to ruin your perfectly lined up shot. Croquet sets come in many color and size options, with mallets and balls for four to eight players to racks or bags for storage. We've rounded up our favorite picks below so you can get started with this backyard fun.


Top Pick

Amish Toy Box Deluxe Croquet Game Set

This eight mallet set is ideal for large groups and families looking to spend a little time outside. The accompanying stand holds every element of the set perfectly, keeping your set organized and beautifully displayed for guests to grab a mallet and get to playing! Made with maple hardwood and expertly crafted for long-lasting durability, this is the only croquet set you will ever need.


Most Stylish

GoSports Premium Croquet Set

Quirky, colorful, and made in the USA, the GoSports croquet set fully understands that the point of the game is to have fun. Durable hardwood materials with a clean and polished finish keep your mallets in perfect condition while the hard resin of the croquet balls ensure they maintain a beautiful shine. A sturdy canvas travel bag completes this fun and unique set.


Best for Family

Franklin Sports Outdoor Croquet Set

With six mallets, six croquet balls, and a stand complete with wheels to roll from your garage to your backyard, the Franklin croquet set evokes a vintage quality with its weathered finish. For any household looking for a set that feels as if it has always been part of the home and the well-known quality Franklin puts behind its home sporting goods, look no further.


Best for Travel

Amish Toy Box Family Traditions Croquet Set

A convenient carrying duffel bag makes this eight person set great for bigger groups who love to travel. Keep this one in the back of the car to bring on a camping trip or pull out at the park for a quick game. Maple hardwood ensures a beautiful and durable finish and the regular mallet heads offer a homespun, vintage quality to a well-crafted and easy to pack set.


Best Classic Look

Heavy Duty Vintage Wooden Croquet Set

The four mallets and balls included in this set have a vintage appeal that give a well-loved look. With a retro canvas bag, six wickets made of cast iron and a colorful scoring wicket, you'll be able to take this on the go to your next party in the park.


For Professional Quality

Uber Croquet Set

The modern look of this professional-grade set will take your croquet game to the next level. Comes with four mallets, four flags, and four balls, along with steel croquet hoops, and a hoop smasher to make setting up a match a lot easier.


For Serious Players

Kensington Croquet Set

This professional quality set features flags to mark your corners, heavy duty hoops and a sturdy carrying bag. The full size mallets feature brass rings and a durable grip wrap that protects the luxe ash handle.


Budget Buy

Ropoda Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set

Here is a budget friendly option that does not skimp on quality. The croquet balls are made with the crack and damage resistant resin so it will continue to look new even with long-term use. Including a durable carrying bag for easy storage and transport, the deluxe-sized mallets are also four inches longer than the standard croquet mallet, so you've got even more for your money!


Bold and Bright

Franklin Sports Bluetooth Croquet

Put a twist on the classic game with these vivid neon colors. This set comes with six vibrant mallets and balls, along with all-weather coated wickets. And its high-tech with a bluetooth speaker and holder so you can listen to your favorite tunes during your next match.


A New Twist

Amish Toy Box Deluxe Flag Croquet Golf Game Set

Combining the mallets and balls from croquet, with elements of disc golf. Instead of heading through croquets traditional hoops, players aim to get their balls inside the little baskets at each of the nine holes.

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