Boston College’s Best NBA Players 49 days ago

A bit on the smallish side but they punched above their weight

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 Charlotte Bobcats Jared Dudley shoots against the Charlotte Bobcats on Jan. 14, 2008 in Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte Bobcats won 119-116.

When it comes to the NBA, Boston College is the opposite of Clemson. Where the Tigers tend to send big men to the league, BC has sent guards, and often small guards at that. We could have picked five guys who were under 6-1 with no problem. But here’s who we went with in the end.

  • Michael Adams - a classic Gary Williams recruit, for whom he played at BC, Williams was just 5-10. He still managed an 11-year NBA career.
  • John Bagley - Another Gary Williams prototype, Bagley played for 11 years also and was a really good point guard.
  • Kevin Loughery - You might not know this name, but the 6-3 Loughery played for the Eagles in the 1960s and retired from the NBA with career averages of 15.3 ppg, 2.9 rpg and 3.71 assists. He also had a solid coaching career.
  • Reggie Jackson - A more recent product of BC, the 6-2 Jackson has been really good, averaging 13.06, 3.02 boards and 4.30 apg.
  • Jared Dudley - Hated him at Boston College, loved him in the NBA. He played until 2021 and is now an assistant with Dallas. Keep an eye on him as a future coach. He has a tremendous grasp of the game.