Jacksonville Jaguars file motion to dismiss former kicker Josh Lambo's lawsuit

firstcoastnews.com 40 days ago

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Josh Lambo sued the Jaguars in May, alleging former coach Urban Meyer kicked him during a practice in August 2021.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jaguars have filed a motion to dismiss former kicker, Josh Lambo's, lawsuit. 

Lambo sued the team in May alleging former coach, Urban Meyer kicked him during a practice in August. 

First Coast News spoke with Lambo in December after Meyer was fired. 

In the motion, the Jaguars legal counsel immediately reached out to Lambo's agent after his "verbal account of Meyer's batter." 

The motion sates that Lambo "did not respond to the Club's legal counsel or report any other of Meyer's alleged behavior." 

The Jaguars go on to say Lambo did not "comply with a "mandatory grievance procedure prior to bringing this lawsuit."

The team also says they can not be sued under the FWA because "Meyer, not the Club, allegedly assaulted and battered Plaintiff (Lambo) and that doing so was not within the legitimate scope of his employment." 

Lambo sued for his full $3.5 million salary and for damages for emotional distress and reputational harm. 

He said the alleged abusive environment Meyer fostered led to his poor performance on the field.