Steelers Have An Interesting Stat After Thursday Night’s Loss 10 days ago

The Pittsburgh Steelers are off to a 1-2 start for the 2022 season.

While that record isn’t where the team wants to be, it’s where they are now.

However, their loss to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday saw them post an interesting statistic.

So, what is this statistic and what does it mean for the Steelers’ 2022 season?

Winless In Games Without Watt

While teams can win without one of their star players, it seems the Steelers can’t accomplish this.

Pittsburgh is now 0-6 in games without linebacker T.J. Watt.

However, the statistic is troubling, as the star defensive player will miss six weeks with an injury.

With him out for that long, the Steelers will prove if this record is more than dumb luck.

If Watt anchors the defense that much then the Steelers need him back fast to save their season.

Why Watt Is So Important

The young defensive player is a force to be reckoned with in every game.

He’s also a leader on the Steelers’ defensive front.

With him out, the Steelers are missing a leader and player who is problematic for quarterbacks.

He’s consistently in the top five among defensive players each season.

This is why the Steelers need to play great defense without Watt.

They still have Cameron Heyward and Myles Jack, two stars on the front seven for Pittsburgh.

Additionally, their secondary also has Minkah Fitzpatrick, who is a fearsome safety.

These players must step it up with Watt out, as the Steelers’ season depends on them.

Can Tomlin And His Defense Win Without Watt?

Before Watt came to Pittsburgh, the team was already a winning team.

However, they had Ben Roethlisberger as their quarterback.

With Mitchell Trubisky as their current QB, the Steelers’ defense has even more pressure on them to perform.

It’s something they can do, even without Watt.

The 0-6 record without him doesn’t factor in how the Steelers are known for having a dominating defense.

Their slate of current defensive players can easily get to quarterbacks.

So, it’s not impossible for Tomlin and the Steelers’ defense to dominate offensive linemen.

However, they need to find that fire inside of them to do this, as they’ve gotten complacent with Watt around.

Steelers Need To Show Watt Isn’t Their Only Weapon

The Steelers’ defense has benefited from Watt being on the roster.

His being on the field means there’s more focus on him instead of Jack or Heyward.

However, these players can still show they can sack and rush quarterbacks without Watt.

With all the other outstanding talent on defense, the Steelers aren’t lacking weapons.

While they have the talent, it’s time for them to show up as the elite players they are each game.

If these key defensive stars don’t fill that void with Watt gone, the Steelers will definitely be in trouble.

It’s time to step up in Pittsburgh – otherwise, their season will be in jeopardy.