Kevin Durant Calls Out Shaquille O'Neal After He Tries To Defend Charles Barkley: "He's A Grown Up, He Doesn't Need Security Shaquille." 10 days ago

Despite being one of the favorites to win the 2022 NBA Championship, the Brooklyn Nets failed to impress fans in the playoffs. They remained the only team to be swept in the postseason as they were on the receiving end of it in the first round of the playoffs.

As a result, the Nets superstar Kevin Durant has seemingly got a lot of free time. Now, considering that Durant just played a tiring season, it's not surprising that he has taken this time to interact with his fans.

But at the same time, KD has also used this time to respond to his critics. NBA Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley has seemingly gotten on the wrong side of Durant after making comments about his stint with the Warriors.

Barkley stated that Durant was a bus rider during those championship runs, not the bus driver. Following this comment by Chuck, KD called him out on Twitter and didn't hold back in his rant.

Since then, many analysts have taken sides in this heated argument between the two. Recently JJ Redick and Brian Windhorst revealed that they support KD's decision to call Chuck out.

Barkley's longtime colleague Shaquille O'Neal has seemingly tried to defend his friend. Shaq did so by commenting "Stop it" on an Instagram post about the incident. However, Durant didn't like the comment by Shaq and called him out in the comments section.

Shaq: Stop it.

Kevin Durant: He's a grown up, he doesn't need security Shaquille.

It feels like KD will be taking on both Shaq and Chuck in the battle to defend his legacy. But here's the catch: KD can't use the argument of winning no rings against Barkley.

During his career, O'Neal won four rings and is very well aware of what it takes to be an NBA champion. It is all but confirmed that Shaq will respond back to Durant because he is not someone who shies away from arguments.