Tee Higgins Reportedly ‘Could be Traded’ All Thanks To Joe Burrow

BroBible 44 days ago
Tee Higgins
Getty Image / Jason Miller

The Cincinnati Bengals failed to make a repeat appearance at the Super Bowl this year and now must focus on the offseason.

However, the franchise is in a sticky situation due to Joe Burrow’s contract situation. Cincinnati is likely going to give him an extension, which could lead to some cap casualties.

According to The Athletic, one potential option is trading Tee Higgins this offseason.

Hey, if the money doesn’t make sense then the Bengals very well could move on. It’d be a bold move to trade Tee Higgins. However, keeping Joe Burrow on the roster is much more important.

This is what happens when a young team rises to the top so quickly. All of your good players need contract extensions around the same time.

Regardless, prioritizing Joe Burrow over Tee Higgins is the right move to make for the Bengals. Even though keeping Higgins on the roster would be ideal.

At the end of the day, nothing is concrete in stone just yet. Cincinnati is going to communicate with their star receiver throughout the offseason. Hopefully, it leads to a contract extension.

If not, then it sounds like the Bengals could be looking for a haul to continue building around Joe Burrow. Which isn’t a bad option either.

Regardless if Tee Higgins re-signs or is traded, Cincinnati is in a great spot moving forward.