Getsy grades Justin Fields preseason

For the most part, the Bears' offense has been pretty messy during training camp. Almost none of that falls on the shoulder of QB Justin Fields.

The Bears spent most of the camp rotating multiple offensive linemen and wide receivers in with the first team. It's hard for the players to get acclimated to each other when the depth chart changes on a daily basis, mostly due to injuries.

The result? Pre-snap penalties, alignment issues, and a lot of pressure on Fields, who has had to tuck it and run far too often.

However, we still saw some pretty solid things from the offense during the preseason game against the Chiefs.

"You got to see a little bit of everything of what we've been working on," Getsy said. "And then you got to see a little bit of athleticism where he can make up the difference if something's not right. So I thought it was a strong start for him, but not where he needs to be."

Fields made a very solid throw to WE Tajae Sharpe who made an incredible grab during a 3rd and long situation. It was. a great play by both players.

However, on the very next play, Fields left the pocket too early, in Getsy's estimation, on a 10-yard scramble. Fields slid and was hit in the head by Chiefs safety Juan Thornhill, but no flag was thrown.

"He vacated too quickly," Getsy said. "He skipped No. 2 in the progression. He kind of went left/right and they took away No. 1. I think he got out of there a little too quick. That was the one play, honestly, that I wish we had back for him. I love the decision to slide, obviously, but he had a chance to maybe hang in there just a tick longer."

Luke Getsy is very confident that Justin will improve in that area of the game as the season goes along.

"That's experience," Getsy said. "I mean, he's 23, right? You can only get that by playing. Practice is great, but it's not a game. That's why it's important that he gets a few reps each preseason game, just to get that under his belt. And then I think the more he plays this year, the better he's going to get that feeling.

"Pocket presence is not an easy thing to teach. But he's got toughness and the guts to do it. When you're evaluating quarterbacks, that's one of the first things I'm looking for: somebody to have that willingness to stand in there, make your throw with your feet in the ground and get smacked in the jaw. He definitely has that."