The Best Match Of 10 Major WWE Stipulations 40 days ago

WWE loves to use major stipulations to elevate feuds and sell tickets, and these are the best matches of some of the company's biggest stipulations.

WWE Best Stipulation Gimmick Matches

When feuds in WWE get to their most heated, the confines of a normal professional wrestling match sometimes aren’t enough to settle their differences. Instead, a stipulation or gimmick is added to elevate the match to something more intense, hard-hitting, and enjoyable. This was more prevalent a few years ago, but with WWE adding gimmick-specific PPVs to their calendar, this isn't really the case anymore.

There have been many stipulations which have become famous both in and outside WWE, and with the huge number of gimmick matches over the years, it is sometimes hard to pick out which is the best one for each match, especially when professional wrestling is incredibly subjective.

10 I Quit – John Cena Vs JBL

John Cena vs JBL Judgement Day 2005

For a long time, John Cena was handed the reputation of not being ‘good in the ring’, however this match with JBL was as good of a championship fight as you can get, with it being one of the most bloody and brutal matches in WWE history, taking place at Judgment Day 2005.

These two beat the hell out of one another, with it taking a lot to get JBL to say, “I Quit”. He looked strong in defeat, and Cena looked like a brave and courageous babyface, with him having a lot of fans at the time.

9 Elimination Chamber – Vacant World Heavyweight Championship Match

Elimination Chamber New Years Revolution 2005

This match took place at New Year's Revolution in 2005, and it is arguably the most perfect Chamber match ever produced by WWE. Whilst this structure has become an annual tradition, lessening its impact, it used to be used only sporadically.

In 2005, six of the biggest stars in WWE were trapped inside, with it having a mixture of fluid and great technical wrestling, as well as brutal and bloody action. Batista in particular shone in this match, even if Triple H would ultimately win the title.

8 Iron Man – Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle Vs Brock Lesnar

The chemistry between these two men was incredible, so keeping them in the same match for a whole hour was always going to create magic – and it certainly did so.

Finishing at 5-4, this was a packed Iron Man Match with every minute being filled. The character work from both men was great, and they managed to keep the attention of the crowd for most of the match, which is the hardest thing to accomplish in this type of contest.

7 Submission – Bret Hart Vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Bret Hart Vs Steve Austin

At WrestleMania 13, one of the greatest WWE matches of all time took place between Bret Hart and Steve Austin, which makes it the best Submission Match in history. This was a classic battle between two men who despised each other, and that was strongly felt throughout.

Arguably one of the best double turns in wrestling was executed to perfection, with the finish to this match being an iconic image, with Austin drenched in his own blood, passing out instead of submitting.

6 WarGames – Undisputed Era Vs Sanity Vs Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong

War Games NXT Cropped

WCW’s WarGames Matches were historic, but it took until 2017 for WWE to put on their first WarGames Match, with it taking place in NXT, with some of the most popular and over acts on the brand trapped inside two cages.

The mixture of technical wrestlers, big man brawlers, high-flyers, and everything in between, all made for a chaotic and non-stop display of mayhem. This was a whole lot of fun, it was produced in a wonderful way, and it is arguably better than the several WarGames matches that have come around since in NXT.

5 Last Man Standing – John Cena Vs Umaga

Umaga Vs John Cena

Although the trope of John Cena overcoming a monster heel would become tired and overused, it wasn’t quite at that point yet, so there was a feeling of danger over his reign when it came to this WWE Championship match at the 2007 Royal Rumble.

Umaga and Cena threw absolutely everything at one another, with it being gruesome, bloody, and unlike anything seen in WWE for quite some time in terms of levels of violence. This was a tremendous match, and whilst it can be hard to successfully pull off the Last Man Standing gimmick, these two did a perfect job.

4 Ladder – Razor Ramon Vs Shawn Michaels

Razor Ramon v Shawn Michaels WrestleMania 10 Cropped

Modern day Ladder matches may have more crazy and ingenious spots, but the groundwork was laid out by the one of the very first in WWE, with this widely being acknowledged as the Ladder match which truly began its legacy at WrestleMania 10.

The crowd was electric for this match, with Ramon and Michaels using the ladder in a whole host of creative ways, innovating what would become a staple within professional wrestling. The storytelling in this match is what sets it apart from those which came after it, as every single move felt hugely important, and not just as a selection of throwaway cool spots.

3 Steel Cage – Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart

Owen Hart Vs Bret Hart

The feud between these two brothers led to them being locked inside a Steel Cage at SummerSlam 1994, and whilst it wasn’t the most bloody or violent Cage match, it was wrestled perfectly, which isn’t surprising given who was involved.

The ‘escape the cage’ rule has often been criticized by WWE fans, but it was used well here, with the crowd going wild for every escape attempt and denial. Even though it wasn’t an all-out brawl, it was still intense, and the hatred between the two was apparent.

2 TLC – Dudley Boyz Vs Hardy Boyz Vs Edge & Christian

TLC WrestleMania 17

Whilst these three teams battled in this sort of match on more than one occasion, their match at WrestleMania 17 was perhaps the most iconic. Even though TLC matches in modern day WWE feature some wilder spots, this was one of the first times anything like that had been seen on this sort of stage.

The huge moments, the structure of the match, the organized chaos, and the atmosphere of WrestleMania all added together to create the perfect formula for one of the most important and famous matches ever.

1 Hell In A Cell – The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels

It could be argued that other Cell matches have been more brutal, more spot-filled, and even more famous, but perhaps no other Cell match has managed to balance out all that better than the very first.

Undertaker and Michaels had a great battle at Badd Blood: In Your House, which was full of hard-hitting brawling, athletic spots, and memorable moments, which involved Michaels falling from the side of the Cell, and Kane’s incredible debut. This was also the last 5-star match WWE received all the way up until 2011 – fourteen years later.