Every Member Of The Von Erich Wrestling Family, Ranked Worst To Best

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With so many achievements and championships across the legendary Von Erich family, ranking the wrestlers in the family is not an easy task.

When it comes to professional wrestling families, the Von Erich wrestling family in Texas is infamous for many reasons - some good and some tragic. On one hand, the wrestling talent that was embedded in the family's history is legendary and produced some of wrestling's greatest talents. Unfortunately, the family is also remembered for experiencing unspeakable tragedy that overshadows some of their accomplishments.

With so many achievements and championships across the family, ranking the wrestlers in the family is not an easy task. Ultimately, some did achieve more success than others or are continuing to carve their own legacies today. The fact remains that the legend of the Von Erich family continues to live on and is a beloved part of wrestling history.

9/9 Lacey Von Erich

Lacey Von Erich

While the Von Erich wrestling family carries a massive legacy of technically sound and popular wrestlers at the helm, not all members of the family can be considered equal. Despite having the Von Erich name, Kerry's daughter Lacey struggled to carry the weight of the name.

With a brief stint in WWE developmental followed by a run in Impact Wrestling alongside The Beautiful People, Lacey Von Erich's in-ring performances left much to be desired. Despite being a former Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Lacey was not only carried by her teammates in the stable but by the value of her last name before retiring as quickly as she had started.

8/9 Chris Von Erich

Chris Von Erich

With brothers like Kerry, David and Kevin all having very successful wrestling careers, it was natural for Chris Von Erich to want to follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, for all the passion and heart that Chris had, he was not able to deliver inside of the ring for a variety of reasons.

Chris had the desire to become as big of a star as his brothers, but due to health issues preventing him from being the physical specimen similar to them, he floundered inside the ring. Ultimately, the pressure of living up to the name allegedly got the better of him, and he died by suicide in 1991.

7/9 Mike Von Erich

Mike Von Erich

Following the loss of David Von Erich, the other family members rallied to maintain their spot in the wrestling business. While some of the brothers flourished, others found it difficult to continue. Combined with the fact that Mike allegedly did not want to be an in-ring performer in the first place, this only contributed to the family's tragedies.

Despite having the same look as his more successful brothers, Mike did not have the same level of passion that they did to succeed. Ultimately, he did not reach the same level of stardom and was not comparable to his older brothers.

5/9 Ross & Marshall Von Erich

Ross and Marshall Von Erich as MLW Tag Team Champions

Part of the reason that the Von Erichs were so popular in Texas was due to how cohesively the brothers worked as a tag team. At the height of their popularity, they were collectively considered to be one of the most popular tag teams of all time. Thankfully, that spirit continues to thrive with the next generation.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich are the sons of Kerry Von Erich, and have been quietly building up their resumes to live up to the Von Erich legacy. While they have yet to receive their big break, they are making waves in independent promotions like Major League Wrestling and are showing great promise for the future.

4/9 Fritz Von Erich


While most of the narrative around the Von Erich family is centred around his sons, Fritz Von Erich also enjoyed a solid wrestling career and was the main event player in many different companies. Before settling into his role as the promoter for World Class Championship Wrestling, Fritz was a very dependable wrestler in his own right.

Beginning his career in the mid-1950s, Fritz travelled the world as an evildoer with a mean streak. He solidified himself as a top guy with title reigns as AWA World Heavyweight Champion and other regional belts. In his later years, he would hold tag team championships alongside his sons, capping off his career.

3/9 Kevin Von Erich

Von Erich DSTR

As the sole-surviving Von Erich brother, Kevin has a lot of grief and sorrow to carry. While the wrestling world mourned alongside him and relived it during recent episodes of Dark Side of the Ring, Kevin Von Erich's wrestling career is something to be celebrated.

As one of the pillars of the Texas-wrestling community, Kevin teamed with his younger brothers to incredible success. While he did not reach the levels of either David or Kerry, he was an essential piece of the Von Erich puzzle which helped make them incredibly popular.

2/9 David Von Erich


If there was one wrestler poised to become the breakout member of the Von Erich family, it was David. With great in-ring abilities and great mic skills, he was in line for big things in his wrestling career before his passing in 1984.

After proving himself as a leader in tag team matches alongside his brothers, David positioned himself to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion and was actively feuding with Ric Flair. Had he not left the world prematurely, David may have reached incredible heights as a wrestler and found his place among some of the greats.

1/9 Kerry Von Erich


As the most recognizable Von Erich family member, Kerry Von Erich reached levels of stardom that most other members of his family deserved as well. After David passed away, Kerry became his successor as the main event player in the family and defeated Ric Flair to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion at the 1984 tribute show for his brother.

Kerry was also the only member of his family to have an extended stint in WWE as The Texas Tornado, holding the Intercontinental Championship during the title's heyday. While Kerry would experience a similar tragedy like so many in his family, his legacy has made him a fondly remembered part of wrestling history.