Mike Tomlin Makes Huge Decision on Mitch Trubisky After Rough TNF Loss

outsider.com 10 days ago

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers losing to rival Cleveland Browns 17-29, head coach Mike Tomlin made a huge decision about Mitch Trubisky’s position on the NFL team. 

Fox News reports that during a brief press conference following the Pittsburgh Steeler’s second straight loss, Mike Tomlin stated that Pittsburgh’s inability to stop Browns’ running Nick Chubb was their “greatest” mistake.

“If you can’t slow down Chubb, man, you can’t beat this group,” Mike Tomlin said about the Browns player. “And we kinda knew that and we didn’t get it done. So we’ve got to own the outcome, and we will. So there’s not a lot to really talk about. I thought they controlled the game. They possessed the ball. Nick Chubb controlled the game.” 

When asked specifically about potentially re-evaluating Trubisky as the Pittsburgh Steeler’s starting quarterback, Mike Tomlin answered, “I’m not in that mindset. I’m interested in reviewing his tape and looking at the totality of it and figuring out how we collectively get better. The answer to that question is definitively no.” 

Mike Tomlin then spoke about Trubisky’s performance during the game by saying, “I thought he made some plays, but we all collectively came up short. So that’s how we measure performance. Winning is our business, and we didn’t handle business.”

Meanwhile, Trubisky discussed the team’s performance on the field following the game. “We’re getting there, just not where it needs to be. We didn’t hit on the plays we needed to in the second half. Scoring three points in the second half isn’t going to do it for us.” 

Mike Tomlin added, “We got to look at this tape and learn and get better – and get better very fast.” 

Mike Tomlin Says He Will ‘Exercise Appropriate Patience’ With the Pittsburgh Steeler’s Offense Line 

Prior to the matchup against the Cleveland Browns, Mike Tomlin stated he is going to exercise “appropriate patience” when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steeler’s offense. He also said that he’s going to continue to teach and ask the guys to continue to learn. 

“I think that if anyone is sitting here on Monday in Week 2 of this thing feeling happy, they’re probably wrong or misinformed,” Mike Tomlin stated at the time. He also stated the Steelers didn’t score enough points in the weeks leading up to the Cleveland Browns game. “But that’s a collective, not just the quarterback position, not just the players. It’s all of us are responsible for ringing up the scoreboard. We don’t seek comfort.”

Mike Tomlin further explained that the team is just working on the things that are within their control to have good days. “To continue the progression of this group from a developmental standpoint, knowing that the outcome is going to be what we desire.”