10 AEW Gimmicks That Are Going Nowhere

thesportster.com 62 days ago

AEW has a variety of gimmicks and while a number of them are evolving with programming, others are going nowhere.

AEW has had some solid numbers since the drama after All Out 2022. Many of the top wrestlers in the world compete at the company. A large part of the AEW roster has a very bright future in front of them. Although gimmicks like "The Elite" and "smug" MJF have been a massive success at the company, there are still a few misses spread throughout AEW programming.

Many AEW gimmicks that are going nowhere are not necessarily just "aimless" booking either. Some talented wrestlers have fallen under the "what are they supposed to be to AEW?" umbrella. Meaning the wrestler is scoring big-time victories and having great matches but is still failing to make their gimmick resonate with fans. This list will examine ten AEW gimmicks that seem to be going absolutely nowhere.

10/10 Varsity Blonds


Few gimmicks at AEW have bombed as bad as the "Varsity Blonds." Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison don't have a ton of chemistry as a unit and their in-ring skills leave a lot to be desired. The gimmick itself also fails to have any meaning. They are supposed to be high school kids from California or something?

They've basically spent the majority of their time at AEW Dark and do not seem to be a focus at the company. Unless there is a huge turnaround, the Varsity Blonds will continue to go nowhere fast.

9/10 The House Of Black's Julia Hart


The House Of Black was once one of the top stables at AEW. There have been a ton of issues behind the scenes, with rumors of members of the faction leaving AEW becoming commonplace in the world of wrestling.

Julia Hart left a bad gimmick, Varsity Blonds, and went to a gimmick that lost a ton of steam, The House Of Black. She seems to be the least impactful member of the faction and her involvement has done little to move her or the group forward.

8/10 Danhausen

Hook and Danhausen

Most fans accept Danhausen as a "write-off" strange gimmick that any wrestling show needs. Issues have recently started to become clear since Danhausen started wrestling during AEW television. A silly face-painted guy is one thing, but are fans supposed to take him seriously as a performer?

Sure, gimmicks like The Hurricane and Hornswoggle worked well when they were delivered in small doses, but Danhausen seems to always be around. It's unclear if he's supposed to be Mankind or The Boogeyman and until that distinction is clear, the gimmick will continue to go nowhere.

7/10 Swerve In Our Glory

Swerve In Our Glory

The pairing of Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee came completely out of nowhere. Their connection was...that they both competed at the WWE? There was never a true reason for them to be together, and instead of building the two as friends or partners, they were given the AEW Tag Team Titles.

They were supposed to be the babyfaces entering their feud with The Acclaimed but were booed as the villains. Their time as tag champs was nothing memorable and their alliance seems to be going absolutely nowhere. In all honesty, it was always going nowhere.

6/10 La Faccion Ingobernable

Andrade and Rush

Andrade has struggled to find his place at AEW. He's a very skilled performer but has never been booked as a main event star at the company. Rush is clearly green and when he's in the ring next to more tenured wrestlers his weakness shines bright.

It's unclear if they are supposed to be a dominant tag team or a villainous tag team. Aimless booking and bland promos have created a gimmick that is going nowhere.

5/10 Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo

Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo

In the ring, no young star at AEW showed more promise than Sammy Guevara. His Ladder match with Cody Rhodes is already an AEW classic. He seemed destined for a big run at the company but has lost a ton of steam.

Outside the ring, Sammy married Tay Melo. It's great that the two found each other, but their work as a unit in the ring has not been good. Guevara's time with Tay has made him become more known for his annoying antics than his in-ring brilliance.

4/10 William Regal "Blackpool Advisor"

William Regal AEW

William Regal's arrival to AEW was met with a very positive response. Although he could have helped any wrestler struggling on the mic, he was paired with the Blackpool Combat Club despite the faction not needing him at all.

It appears that a ton of his original plans have been derailed due to injuries and CM Punk, but his purpose in the group seems aimless. The group itself is hardly a cohesive unit, but he specifically seems like an odd addition to the group.

3/10 Athena

Athena debuts in AEW

Athena seemed like a perfect fit for AEW when she arrived. She's a skilled performer who adds a ton of energy to a polarizing women's division.

Her "Fallen Angel" gimmick at AEW has not landed well on audiences. There still seems to be a ton of potential for Athena to become a big-time star at the company, but, as things stand now, her gimmick seems to be going nowhere.

2/10 Jericho Appreciation Society's Jake Hager

Jake Hager

Overall, the Jericho Appreciation Society has been a successful gimmick. The stable is so ridiculous that fans cannot help, but watch them. If there is one weak spot in the stable, it's Jake Hager.

The former WWE world champion has not caught on as a star at AEW. The JAS is not a good fit for Hager either. Each member has a personality that helps them stand out, but Hager is basically "the muscle." It's going nowhere at AEW and neither is Hager unless he changes something.

1/10 Blackpool Combat Club's Bryan Danielson

bryan danielson
via AEW

Bryan Danielson's goal at AEW has become clear, he wants to put other stars over. It's such a selfless move for the wrestling icon, but the only issue for Danielson is that he's one of the biggest names at the company. In fact, without CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks he's one of the top stars at the company.

Not a single fan can understand who Danielson is supposed to be at the company. He put Daniel Garcia over despite the fact that Garcia is clearly too green to beat Bryan. He's lost a ton of major matches and everyone assumed he would be the next AEW World Champion. If he's not going to win matches he should, not going tobe the world champion, and not make the Blackpool Combat Club become a dominant stable, what is he doing at the company? Whatever Danielson is supposed to be seems to be going nowhere.