10 Wrestlers With A Limited Moveset Who Became Big Stars

thesportster.com 12 days ago

Wrestlers don't always need to rely on their in-ring ability to find success, as these ones became stars, despite having a limited moveset.

Certainly, wrestling requires actual skills in the ring, be it athleticism, strength, speed or agility, in order to have a wide moveset. However, wrestling also requires mic skills, charisma and storytelling talent, and that is precisely why several wrestlers have managed to become superstars without being the best within the ropes, especially in Vince McMahon's WWE.

Wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Bryan Danielson have an excellent moveset, and that is why they have delivered so many amazing matches over the years. However, there are some big wrestling stars, even legends, who had a limited moveset, and below are 10 of them.

10 Goldberg


Goldberg is the perfect example of a huge star with a limited moveset. Goldberg usually crushed his opponents in seconds, after hitting his Spear and Jackhammer combination, and the fans went wild despite his short and basic matches.

Goldberg became one of the biggest stars in WCW history, and today he is still loved by thousands of WWE fans. However, it must be admitted that he is now receiving the criticism that he may not have received in WCW.

9 Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash Vs Chris Jericho

Kevin Nash (also known as Diesel for a few years) was a great superstar, both in WCW and WWE. A memorable character, with good promo skills, but average in-ring skills at best.

Nash always needed a wrestler to carry him in a match, which is why the best match of his career was against Shawn Michaels. Nash had a pretty basic arsenal of moves, relying mainly on a Jackknife Powerbomb and Big Boot.

8 Sid

Sid WCW Champ

In the 1990s the in-ring skills were not as important as today, back then people just enjoyed the show without being too strict on the quality of the matches. That’s precisely why wrestlers such as Sid managed to become big stars, despite having a limited moveset.

Chokeslam, Powerbomb and Big Boot were the main moves in Sid’s arsenal. So, it's no wonder Sid did not deliver any outstanding singles match throughout his career.

7 The Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior WWE Champion

The Ultimate Warrior didn't need an extraordinary moveset to become a big star, in fact, he became a sports entertainment legend. Ultimate Warrior would perform a Gorilla Press Slam followed by an Ultimate Splash to finish his opponents, and during the match, a Clothesline was a must, but beyond those moves, The Ultimate Warrior had little to offer.

He had an amazing physique, but his athleticism and technique left much to be desired. The Ultimate Warrior succeeded thanks to his innate charisma and electrifying persona.

6 Andre The Giant

Andre The Giant v Hulk Hogan WrestleMania 3 Cropped

Andre The Giant was one of the most popular wrestlers of the Golden Era, and in fact, he was dubbed as the Eighth Wonder of the World, because he was one of the biggest attractions in wrestling.

Obviously, Andre The Giant became a big star because of his size and because he was the main antagonist of fan favorite Hulk Hogan. Andre was a decent wrestler, pretty safe worker, but his moveset was limited, but we can't ask too much from a guy who was 7'0" and weighed over 500 pounds.

5 The Miz

The Miz attacks Logan Paul

The Miz has never been an outstanding wrestler, not even in his prime, but he became a big star because he has the "it" factor. The Miz is amazing on the mic, and he always plays his role very well in every storyline.

In-ring skills are important, but The Miz has worked for WWE for over 15 years despite having a limited moveset. The Miz's moves are basic, and his finisher is one of the dumbest out there.

4 Kane

Triple H v Kane No Mercy 2002 Cropped

Kane is one of the most iconic characters in the history of sports entertainment, starring in an unforgettable rivalry with his brother The Undertaker. Kane became one of the most feared wrestlers in history, a huge superstar. However, delivering phenomenal matches was not Kane's specialty, mainly because his moveset was limited.

Kane's offense basically boiled down to Chokeslam, Clothesline and Tombstone Piledriver. Fortunately, Kane didn't need any more moves to have a legendary career.

3 Lex Luger

Lex Luger WCW Champion

Two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WCW World Television Champion, two-time World Tag Team Champion, and a good WWE career as well. Lex Luger accomplished all of that despite having a limited moveset.

Luger was pushed because he was the perfect babyface, with a World Champion look, but his in-ring skills were no big deal. Luger was pretty slow, and his matches were monotonous, always with his Torture Rack, Piledriver and Running Forearm.

2 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31

No one can deny that Roman Reigns' arsenal of moves is limited, but that didn't stop him from becoming the face of WWE, and arguably the biggest wrestling superstar today. Roman hasn't had five-star matches and the best matches of his career have been against specialists like AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. The Tribal Chief is a great storyteller, but he always performs the same moves, Superman punch, Powerbomb, Spear, and sporadically uses a Guillotine Choke.

1 Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Leg Dropping The Undertaker

Hulk Hogan is one of the most important individuals in wrestling history, but the funny thing is that he was an average wrestler, with a limited moveset. Hogan became a huge star, known in every corner of the planet, his impact on the industry is simply unmatched. But Hulk Hogan never performed extraordinary moves, and he didn't seem to mind doing so.

A Big Boot, a Lariat and a Leg Drop were Hulk Hogan's signature moves, and we rarely saw him do anything different.