Nick Gordon's management has been exceptional 9 days ago

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Other than dealing with a lifetime stomach/digestive disorder he seems to have under control, and a bout of Covid that hospitalized him...not to mention a bum ankle a couple years ago just before the Twins promoted Arraez (although that turned out OK for the Twins)...Gordon's biggest problem might be failed expectations. If he had been a 4th or 5th round selection, many more would be singing his praises, IMO.

He's hitting and getting OB and providing some unexpected power here and there. (Just surprised how the ball jumps off his bat when he squares up). He's turned in to a pretty good defensive OF. And if you look at his numbers, he's trending upward.

I believe it was the SD series where he made a baserunning goof. But he had a really good game otherwise and showed a real spark. It's OK, and smart he's mostly playing against RHP, at least for now. Last time I looked, most of the human population and MLB is RH.

The FO kept him on the 40 man when they took over for a reason. They saw something valuable even though they owed no obligation to him. I think he's only going to get better and better. Time and experience just might allow him to hit better against LHP. Continued maturity and maybe another couple of pounds might allow him a few more XBH. My only complaint on his usage might  be running him more. His SB numbers this year are poor. Some of that is bad luck, and some is oversliding the bag. He was a speed weapon last year. Don't stop working with him and sending him.

I have to admit I've chuckled a few times over the season when some suggested Gordon might be a DFA to make room for someone else. He's actually doing EXACTLY what the Twins want him to do, and giving exactly what you want the last player on the bench to do. 

Now, the Twins DO HAVE some very intriguing utility options in the system, Julien just to name one, who MIGHT squeeze him out. But that's another time and another place. Gordon is doing just fine in his role, while trending upward, and I'm damn happy we have him and the FO didn't give up on him.