This Heat-Knicks Trade Sends Cam Reddish To Miami 12 days ago
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Potential is a funny thing. It’s tantalizing. The opportunity to see it come to fruition is tantalizing. With that said, you can miss other opportunities waiting for that to happen. That’s especially relevant in the NBA.

Some young players don’t impact winning, but it’s clear that they have the potential too. Unfortunately, some never do.

As of this moment, Cam Reddish is all potential. In theory, he’s a 3-and-D wing with secondary shot creation chops. In practice, he struggles to either space the floor or contribute on the defensive end.

At 22, he’s still got ample time to improve. With that said, the clock is ticking.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Updates On New York Knicks & Miami Heat

If Reddish doesn’t make strides in 2022-23, even his most stalwart defenders are likely to lose faith.

Here’s a deal that sees the Miami Heat taking a chance on him.

Cam Reddish, New York Knicks, NBA Rumors
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New York Knicks Receive: G/F Caleb Martin
Miami Heat Receive: G/F Cam Reddish

On the subject of potential – some players have very little.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t positive contributors. It simply means that, by all appearances, they’re finished products. It may be that they don’t have the athletic gifts to advance their game. Alternatively, they may have just settled into a niche as a role player.

Caleb Martin likely fits that description. At 26, it’s hard to imagine him taking any major leaps throughout the rest of his career. With that being said, he probably doesn’t need to.

After all, Martin has emerged as a high-end three-and-D wing in this league. He’s a high feel, low usage connective player that winning teams ought to covet.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Updates On New York Knicks & Miami Heat

With that being said, the New York Knicks were surely not a winning team in 2021-22:

Can they afford to cut ties with Reddish’s potential already?

New York Knicks
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Why The New York Knicks Do The Deal

Firstly, it’s hard to say with confidence that the New York Knicks even see potential in Reddish. After they acquired him at last year’s trade deadline, he struggled to crack their rotation.

If they’re not using him anyway, they might as well move him for a player that they will. Martin feels like a guy that Head Coach Tom Thibodeau would trust. Furthermore, that may take on added significance in 2022-23.

After all, the Knicks are heavily tied to Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell. It feels like any day now, the notification will come. If the Knicks do cash in for the dynamic scorer, they’ll need the strongest cast of role players they can assemble for a win-now bid in 2022-23.

Martin would be a perfect glue guy for their new roster. Having said all of that, the Miami Heat are no rebuilding team.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Updates On New York Knicks & Miami Heat

They’ll be hoping to advance as far into the playoffs as they can in 2022-23. Are they the right team to take a gamble on Reddish?

Miami Heat
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Why The Miami Heat Do The Deal

In some respects, the Miami Heat, in fact, are the perfect team to gamble on Cam Reddish.

After all, this team’s player development record is virtually unmatched. In recent years, the Heat have gotten a lot of mileage out of unheralded players like Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, and Omer Yurtseven.

Imagine what they could do with a player who was once the top high school recruit in the country?

To be clear, this is a gamble for Miami. If Reddish is a bust, all the developmental effort in the world may not be able to fix that. Still, the potential payoff is huge. If the Heat are able to tap into Reddish’s potential, he ought to emerge as a significantly more impactful player than Martin.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Updates On New York Knicks & Miami Heat

If not, the loss of Martin will sting. On the other hand, the Heat aren’t entering 2022-23 as title favorites – anything they could do to boost their title odds is worth considering. Banking on a breakout year from Cam Reddish is one viable path for this organization to take.