'Renew him until he loses': fans react as Milner wins Liverpool pre-season fitness test yet again

tribuna.com 40 days ago

James Milner may be 36 years old but he can still teach his younger teammates a thing or two about fitness.

Ever since coming to Liverpool in 2015, Milner won the notorious pre-season lactate test every year. This year was not an exception.

It may not be surprising - it does happen every year, after all - but still got the fans talking, especially consisdering that the veteran could've walked for free this summer.

MaaxiAngelo (Twitter): "Death, taxes and James Milner winning Liverpool's lactate test every pre-season. The three certainties in life."

Gschaller12 (Reddit): "Unreal he is still outrunning the youngsters. The day he starts coaching I bet he’ll be be beating them in the test too"

Stats24 (Twitter): "Liverpool's lactate test looks absolutely disgusting, but nobody has even got close to Milner in the last seven years"

Stuarridge (Reddit): "Did you see his holiday pictures? He was jogging around in New York. Probably travelled to America in a footpaddling boat as well."

ScouseSocialism (Twitter): "In years to come, 'People who came 2nd to Milner in the Lactate Test' will be a quiz question like people who came 2nd to Messi in the Ballon D'or"

_CummyBears_ (Reddit): "I swear to god renew him until he loses"