Aaron Judge Is Showing Off The Benefits Of Rest In 2022

yardbarker.com 10 days ago

Sometimes you just need a day of rest.

Even the best players in all of baseball need them from time to time.

Often times, a day off works wonders for those in the game who need them.

The New York Yankees slugging right fielder has some pretty insane stats in games that follow off-days.

Judge got the day off on Tuesday night against the Tampa Bay Rays, and ultimately followed that up with a two-homer game last night as the Yankees took the series from their division rivals.

Yankees insider Sweeny Murti tweeted Judge’s stats after receiving a day off.

Pause Is Power

As they said in the Powerade commercials from not too long ago, pause is power.

A day of rest can always benefit a player.

Even the best in the business will need them from time to time.

Clearly, it’s working for Judge.

Not that he needs a bunch of days off, but when he gets a day off, it seems as though he comes back the next day with a vengeance.

Each time after a game in which he did not start, Judge has hit two home runs the next day.

And right now, he’s on pace to win an MVP Award in the American League.

Granted, he has had some health struggles over the years, but maybe the prescribed days of rest really are helping him stay in his rhythm.

If there’s one guy you want to keep fresh if you’re the Yankees, it would be Judge.

The Yankees need him healthy if they want to make a run at a World Series title in 2022.

We’ll see what happens the next time Judge gets a day of rest.