“Stop Calling Me”: Tom Brady’s Heated Phone Call Outburst Days After Retirement Gets Examined by Forensic Lip Reader

essentiallysports.com 44 days ago

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback announced his retirement a few days ago. Tom Brady uploaded a 53-second video to address his fans. Fans and star athletes reacted to it in different ways. Some made jokes, while some were genuinely sad that his long career came to an end. In the video, TB12 looked calm and grateful. He, in fact, had a lump in his throat by the end of the video. However, just hours after he retired, the fifteen-time Pro Bowl selection screamed in anger at somebody on the phone. Who was he possibly talking to?

The 45-year-old professional athlete separated from his supermodel wife in October 2022. Many people had speculated friction between them even before they gave the news of their divorce to their audience. The prime reason behind Brady’s and Bündchen’s divorce was his comeback after retiring for the first time in 2022. Although they ended their marriage amicably, people definitely thought he talked to Gisele Bündchen. A forensic lip reader reveals what exactly the NFL GOAT was saying during the agitated phone call.

Tom Brady looked agitated and annoyed over a mysterious phone call

The former New England QB took hi daughter, Vivian Lak Brady, to horse riding lessons on Wednesday. He was recording his daughter while she was practising and doing laps. Then suddenly he received a call from an unknown person. The number 12’s demeanor suddenly changed, and he looked outraged.

Jeremy Freeman, a forensic lip reader certified by University College London’s Deafness Cognition and Language Research Center, claimed that the father of three looked furious. 

Brady allegedly said, “Stop calling me.” Then he retorted, “You say that today and that’s stupid.” He then proceeded to explain something related to his retirement. “I’ve advised you to stay away from her, she’s hard work. What am I supposed to do?” He then asked the person on the other side to stop whatever that is going on.

Who is the woman the famed QB talking about? Was it Gisele, whom he now considers hard work? We may never know. After hanging up the call, the father placed his attention on his daughter. When the session ended, Brady and Vivi grabbed a snack and then chatted on their way to a car.